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I started this league back in 2013 with 9 local high schools and had 10 teams. In 2014 I expanded to a new level of Junior Varsity and added 12 JV and 14 Varsity teams. In 2015 we moved to a new facility of 915 United with 5 courts (3 hard court floors and 2 sand courts) are looking to have 20 JV and 20 Varsity for a total of 40 teams. We are growing, getting bigger, stronger, and better!.

I am adding a website/app that will track scores, schedules, and additional information about this league. My intention of starting this league was to give local high schools more playing time before their season begins in August. We offer 6 weeks of scheduled games (12) playing time. We have a tournament of champions at the end of the 6 week league season. We are extremely excited about this year and hope to have you on board. Please help and spread the word out.

2017 United League Varsity Champions   2017 United League JV Champions


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